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Software Development Outsourcing: 10 Do’s and Dont’s


Often outsourcing is associated with cheaper offshore solutions. But it’s not the case every time. Offshore outsourcing of software development works if you are looking for more skilled, experienced and dedicated software developers team to complete your project as per schedule. The discussion on whether software development work should be outsourced or not is endless. […]

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Audio Conferencing Trends And The Role Of Transcription Services

Conference Transcription Services

Are you conducting conference meetings regularly? And do you transcribe your digital audio recording of the conference calls? Or meeting? Or discussions? Just like conferences and events, it is very important to meet expectations of each client as they may have different expectations and requirements. Providing an in-hand copy of question & answer sessions, conferences, […]

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More Co-Founders Vs Outsourcing. Which Works Best?

The business world is rapidly evolving with every passing day. Today the arrival of technology platforms and its varied manifestations are fast giving rise to startups as well as companies who are providing services of outsourcing to companies on a global level. While there are still a lot of inhibitions among companies for choosing the […]

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How to Find Good Quality, Low Cost Outsourcing for Admin Work?

Admin Work

Outsourcing has already evolved as one of the most preferred mediums of business for over a decade. Today, we find several hubs of outsourcing that has evolved and we find noted brands and companies providing excellent service on a diverse range of functionalities including outsourcing back office work end as well as front end services […]

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Top IT Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

It is true that outsourcing has encompassed the business world in all proportions. It is rare to find any business these days who does all of the job by their own inhouse and have full time employees for all business functions. Nearly every business entity today outsource their work in some degree or the other […]

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6 Back-office Work Small Business should outsource in 2016

Outsources Your back office work

The fundamental problem of small business is manpower and capital inlay. The small business has certain edges over the big business too. The small business has the considerable disadvantage with its big bro on the economy of scale. The capital inlay of the small business won?t permit it to go for the huge stock to […]

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Tips For Outsourcing Mobile App Development Effectively

Tips For Outsourcing Mobile App Development

The world of enterprise mobility, as well as mobile applications, is ruling the business sphere in all probabilities. It is important to note that while there are enough companies who are providing services in mobility to some clients irrespective of their industry verticals, choosing a partner who can augment your growth with outsourcing mobile application […]

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How Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses Help Reduce Overhead Cost by 40%

outsourcing bookkeeping services

Small businesses, as well as start-up ventures, face problems in achieving a synchronized structure in their day to day operations as well as Bookkeeping and accounting services with full propriety. It is significant to note that the diverse demands of businesses are challenging these entities to incorporate the best practices of outsourcing that allows them […]

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